Are your vegetables organic?

Yes, we are certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture. All of our fruits and vegetables are cultivated organically. Owing to the fact that our fish, beneficial bacteria and plants are all grown in the same system using the same recirculating water, we are unable and unwilling to use any potentially dangerous chemicals. Fish in particular are very sensitive to synthetic substances, and potential fish deaths could kick off a devastating whole-system collapse.

What is an Aquaponics growing system? How is it different from conventional organic farm?

Aquaponics is the practice of combining elements of aquaculture and hydroponics to raise fish and grow vegetables. The process imitates a natural ecosystem where both fish and plants grow in the same closed-loop, water-recirculating system. We turn fish waste into plant nutrients using filtration tanks and nitrification bacteria and the plants absorb the water dissolved nutrients. Water then returns to the fish tank clean and pure, completing the ecosystem loop.

In comparison to organic soil farming, aquaponics systems use:

  • no soil. A soilless environment avoids the risk of plant exposure to toxic pollutants.
  • only 1/10th of the water requirement. Water is consumed only by the plants, rather than being lost to surface evaporation or being leached into the groundwater.
  • less space. High quality organic vegetables can be grown more densely due to nutrient availability, and can reach harvestable size in a shorter amount of time.
  • less labor. Soil management is a time-consuming process. No soil means hours otherwise spent weeding and tilling can be directed to other tasks.
  • a close-looped system. Inputs are used more effectively, and the amount of waste is minimised. Even inedible vegetable parts are converted into compost and added back into the system!

How is your delivery arranged?

We currently rely on the help of local courier companies to pick up packaged orders from our farm to deliver directly to your door. We deliver Tuesday through Saturday. All orders placed before 1pm will be delivered the following day. Orders placed between Friday 1pm and Monday 1pm will be delivered on Tuesday. During public holidays, special arrangements will apply.

Please head to the Shipping Details page for more information.

What if I am not home when the delivery arrives?

Leafy vegetables in particular are very vulnerable to heat stress and lose moisture quickly to the immediate environment due to high surface area. It is advisable to have somebody at home to receive the delivery box so that they can refrigerate or store the fruits and vegetables accordingly as soon as possible. If nobody is at home, we will leave the box with your apartment’s management office. If such is the case, please make sure your apartment’s management office is willing to hold your delivery box for you.

When do you replenish out of stock items?

Production at the farm is planned in such a manner as to provide a steady supply of fruits and vegetables each week. Every Tuesday and Friday, our farm manager takes stock of the produce available for the coming few days and updates the available inventory on the website. Produce is then sold on a first-come-first-served basis. Please bear in mind that availability of our produce varies with the season, so what you might find in Summer may be very different from what we have on offer in Winter!