Evergreens Republic is the largest commercial Aquaponics farm to operate in Southeast Asia, and the only one to have obtained USDA organic certification.  Housed in a climate-controlled greenhouse tucked away in the backcountry of the New Territories, our design simulates a natural ecosystem whereby fish, beneficial bacteria, and plants interact symbiotically to convert organic fish feed into fish growth and plant accessible nutrients.  Through this natural process, we are able to grow an impressive range of fruits and vegetables throughout the year, including varieties that are hard to come by locally.


A major driver as to how Evergreens Republic came to be, was that we took a long hard look at the way farming is carried out nowadays and the many issues surrounding it.  We believe our method of cultivation addresses most of these unsustainable practices and we are strongly committed to minimising our impact on the environment.  Without the need for quality soil, we can grow on any marginal land.  Our water recirculation system allows us to use roughly a tenth of what is needed by soil farms.  We use no heavy machinery or petrochemicals and thus risk no chemical run-off or pollution of underground waterways.  Even beyond the farm gate, our carbon emissions remain comparatively insignificant by limiting our delivery radius to 50km.  Being a local farmer really helps!



Here at Evergreens Republic, we take pride in providing the local community with the highest quality organic fruits and vegetables by practicing innovative and sustainable farming technologies.  Our mission is to grow healthy, wholesome foods for you and your loved ones, in a way that puts the environment first.  Backed by a team of plant scientists and engineers, we constantly strive to find ways to improve our production efficiency, envisioning a future where the population’s need for vegetables is met by sustainable and environmentally-responsible local farms that produce nothing but the best organic foods.